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Bebe Rexha Slams Body Shamers By Posting Cheeky Bathing Suit Pic

Bebe Rexha has no time for body shamers or anytype of negativity, for that matter. She's too busy rocking the world, mmmkay?

In case you've been living under a literal rock, Bebe has been totally CRUSHING it!!

Instagram | @beberexha

She's had so many banger songs on the charts this year I can't even keep track, tbh.

Unfortunately, Bebe is constantly getting criticized for her (tbh flawless) BODY.

Instagram | @beberexha

I know, right???

Bebe has always been very vocal about her journey to body positivity and self-love, and her latest Insta post is no exception.

"Wanted to give you a little real nAss on your timeline today. Love you," Bebe wrote.

Instagram | @beberexha

"#BootyByGod #everybodyisbeautiful"

Naturally, everyone was LOVING the pic.

Instagram | @beberexha

"NATURAL BEAUTY" one fan wrote.

"Yes the butt shelf I have it too u look BAAAAD MA!" wrote another.

"Yesssss finally something real!"

Bebe's body confidence is a whole mood, and we're so PROUD OF HER cause WHAT THE HECK??? SHE'S SO STUNNING.

Instagram | @beberexha

What do you think of Bebe's cheeky selfie? Let us know in the comments below!

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