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People Are Decorating Their Christmas Trees With Flowers For A Fresh Holiday Twist

Christmas trees have come a long way from their more traditional candle-laden, tinsel-wrapped and kitschy ornament-adorned roots.

People are now using the iconic evergreen trees as a canvas for their creative vision, creating avant-garde masterpieces fit for a museum up in the North Pole.

There have been many Christmas tree trends that have graced our social media pages over the years.

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We've seen cute and colorful unicorn Christmas trees.

There have even been other trends, like the monochromatic aesthetic of jet-black Christmas trees.

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Floral Christmas trees are a trend that's starting to pick up steam, keeping Christmas funky and fresh.

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People have found many different ways to incorporate flowers into their Christmas trees, like this colorful floral garland.

I love the twinkle lights strung in between the garland, too!

With a large string of flowers wrapped around the tree, you don't really need anything else.

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The florals are loud and flashy enough that they double as ornaments.

There are so many different seasonal florals out there, so you can really get creative with your theme!

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Not all trees have to have bright colorful flowers. They can be muted and more minimal to complement the palette of the winter season.

Many people are also giving an all-over sunflower theme a try.

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This one's great for a more rustic look.

Floral Christmas trees are definitely here to add a major pop of color and freshness to the dreary and dark winter days!

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You can't help but feel a smile come over your face and warmth in your heart when being in the presence of a colorful tree like this.

This aesthetic is definitely right up my alley!

Design Love Fest

If you wanted to know how to make a giant floral garland like the one pictured here, check out Design Love Fest's blog post with detailed instructions.

I could seriously look at these trees all day, but unfortunately, I have to stop here because I have work to do.

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Would you give this colorful floral Christmas tree trend a try? Let us know!