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Therapy Dog Gives Out His Own Business Cards To Everyone He Meets

There are lots of very good doggos in the world, but you don't usually expect to receive a business card from one.

Maybe a well-loved, if-soggy, tennis ball or something unpleasant found in the garden, but not an honest to goodness business card.

Clearly, I'm spending my time with the wrong puppers, because a good boy named Benji totally deserves his cards.

Facebook | Benji the Therapy Dog

You see, Benji isn't just any old dog. He's a therapy doggo.

Benji spends quite a bit of time visiting the staff and patients at Monongahela Valley Hospital and also stops at local nursing homes and high school special education classes.

According to Russel Teck, who is usually just called "Benji's Dad", Benji has made about 1,000 visits in the last five years.

Facebook | Benji the Therapy Dog

Benji is particularly good at his job, probably because he's got experience with anxiety of his own.

According to his dad, Benji had a lot of anxiety issues as a puppy. Enrolling him in obedience classes and therapy dog training gave him a focus.

He became certified in 2014.

But while locals have known and loved Benji for a while now, he gained viral fame when someone tweeted excitedly about receiving a business card from him.

I mean, I'd be excited too!

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Teck makes the cards himself and is always surprised to learn when former patients still have their copy stashed in their wallets.

He told The Dodo, "I enjoy this so much, and I’ve met so many people. It’s changed me a whole lot — it makes me calmer."

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