Kmart Releases New Line Of Family Dolls Featuring Same-Sex Couples

Toy companies are realizing that their products need to reflect the modern world. This includes developing toys that reflect the wide diversity found in families these days. A new line of dolls from Kmart Australia are doing just that by featuring same-sex couples.

Even though there are high-tech toys in the market now, dolls continue to be a popular choice for children.

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Research has shown that dolls encourage imaginative play and help children develop empathy.

Today's dolls are even keeping up with modern family structures and gender identities.

Instagram | @mattel

Earlier this year, Mattel released a line of gender-neutral dolls that can be styled as male, female, or non-binary. The company has yet to develop a same-sex family set, though.

However, Kmart in Australia is making headlines for their family doll sets which do feature same sex couples.


The sets are being sold in stores and online for Kmart Australia locations.

Each set includes two adults and two children, as well as a pet and other accessories.


The sets retail for $15.

Kmart developed the dolls to show children what real families look like.

In an extra effort of promoting inclusivity, the sets sold online will be randomized, meaning that buyers can't pick a specific set to order.

"Products are sold separately and come in various designs. We cannot guarantee which design you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders," said the website.

Reaction to the dolls has been positive on the whole.


In fact, they have been selling out in some locations.

Many thought these play sets would benefit children who have same-sex parents.

It's important for these children to see themselves represented in toys and media, too.

Online, people took to social media to praise these dolls and Kmart Australia.

People are calling on the company to create more inclusive sets that feature single parents or grandparents.