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Kylie Jenner Files Restraining Order Against Fan, 'Fears For Stormi's Safety'

Being one of the most famous celebrities in the world isn't all fun and games. Sometimes you have to deal with overzealous fans and stalkers who don't understand boundaries.

Kylie Jenner discovered that recently.

Kylie has reportedly filed a restraining order against one fan.

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The fan, who is male, apparently showed up at her house on Tuesday. The dedication to get past the gated community and the gates in the driveway is pretty scary.

The legal documents were obtained by E!, which is the network that hosts 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.'

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According to the documents, the man managed to make his way all the way to Kylie's front door where he allegedly "knocked aggressively."

The man claimed that he was there to visit with Kylie.

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Kylie's security guard was luckily able to escort him off the property, at which point he was immediately arrested.

Kylie justified her reasoning for wanting the restraining order in the documents.

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"I have suffered, and continue to suffer emotional distress. I have a young child and also fear for her safety," Kylie is quoted as saying, referring to her one year old daughter, Stormi.

The fan will now have to stay 100 yards away from Kylie.

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This also extends to her home, her property, her office, and her car as well.

I don't blame her for taking precautions.

According to E!, a court hearing is scheduled for November 20th.

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It is not currently known if Kylie will be in attendance.

Stay safe, Kylie!