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Nursing Homes Are Encouraging Kids To Come Trick-Or-Treating This Halloween

Halloween is all about the trick-or-treating, and most kids already have their perfect candy stops all mapped out and ready to go for the big night.

But this year, make sure you leave some time to go visit the residents of your local nursing home because they're ready and eager to hand out some Halloween treats to some adorable kids.

It may not be your first thought to hit up a nursing home for candy, but the elderly would love to see some costumed kiddos.

Facebook | Heartis Senior Living - Clear Lake

And according to Romper, it's actually been awhile since some of these folks have enjoyed some Halloween fun.

"One of my residents actually told me that it's been 30 years since she had a trick-or-treater visit her," Heartis Senior Living - Clear Lake lifestyle director Becky Hudson explained. "We're opening up our doors to the local communities so anybody can come and trick-or-treat."

Heartis is planning on welcoming some trick-or-treaters on Halloween night and are prepared with plenty of candy.

Facebook | Heartis Senior Living - Clear Lake

At the beginning of October, they set out a call online for people to donate some Halloween candy with a picture featuring seven residents holding signs.

"We miss giving candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween," one sign reads, while another adds, "Please help us reach out goal of collecting enough candy to invite the community to our home for a safe and fun place to trick-or-treat."

The good people of Webster, Texas, came through and delivered an unimaginable amount of candy.

Facebook | Heartis Senior Living - Clear Lake

Last week, the center shared a photo to their Facebook page of two smiling residents seated in front of what can only be described as candy mountain, holding signs that read, "We need trick-or-treaters".

So suffice it to say, they're armed and ready for plenty of sugar-crazed kiddos.

The center has meticulously planned their very first Halloween party, and they've definitely gone all out.

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People who come to visit will get to enjoy hay rides, carnival-style games, a bouncy castle, some tasty hot dogs, and they can even get their faces painted.

Plus, as previously mentioned, there's going to be so much candy.

Not only will the event be fun for everyone, but it will also serve as a great way to break down some unfortunate stigma about nursing homes.

Facebook | Heartis Senior Living - Clear Lake

"You remember how it was when you were a kid and you thought of nursing homes," Life Care Center recreation director Sue James told Romper. "At least for me, I was afraid to go see anyone I knew in a [nursing home] because I thought they were there to die, it was not a nice environment in my mind."

However, special events like Halloween parties can definitely help change that mindset: "Seeing the residents happy and full of life helps with that stigma in kids here."

Honestly, the entire night sounds like one big win-win for everyone who comes out to enjoy the spooky-fun festivities.

The kids get to take part in a totally cool Halloween soirée, and the residents get to delight in seeing some adorable children dressed to impress in their finest costumes. There's quite literally no downside here.

Anyone who's interested in visiting their local nursing home this Halloween is encouraged to call ahead to double-check that they are participating in some trick-or-treating fun. Also, make sure your kids are healthy and disease-free before stopping by. Other than that, just get ready to have a seriously spooky time!

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