'The Princess Switch' Is Getting A Sequel At Netflix

Yes, that holiday special that featured not one, but two Vanessa Hudgens' is making a grand return to Netflix with a sequel.

Maybe this time we'll get three Vanessa Hudgens'.

Wasn't 'The Princess Switch' awesome?


We've seen it done before, it's the classic Prince and The Pauper story. But this time, it featured Christmas, baked goods and a whole lot of Vanessa Hudgens.

Which sounds like an upgrade to me.

Well, luckily for you, the Hallmark movie is getting a sequel.


Yes! It's called The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

And it's bound to be as good, if not better, than the original. Heck, as long as it still features baking, love, and Christmas, I'm in!

Well, if you were interested in the plot, then here it is:

Netflix (or at least the Twitter account "See What's Next") released a tweet giving the full details about the plot for this long-awaited hallmark movie sequel.

And darn, does it look like things are ramping up.

Well, it looks like Vanessa Hudgens will be playing yet another role.


Yes, it looks as though "party girl Fiona" will be played by Vanessa Hudgens as well.

Jeez, what can we expect from the third movie? Four Vanessa Hudgens? Five? Maybe even ten?