Dentist Helps People Find Their Smile By Fixing Their Teeth For Free

A lot of people get into certain professions mainly to make lots of money. But there are some special people out there who not only find their calling but also do something truly altruistic with it.

Felipe Rossi, a dentist originally from Brazil is one of those people. He started an NGO so he can help those less fortunate get the smile of their dreams and it's heartwarming to see.

Dr. Rossi and his colleagues have been travelling all over the world in order to fix the smiles of people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford dental care.

Is that cool or what?

His NGO 'Por1sorriso' has already impacted the lives of 12,000 people and provided over 6,000 dental procedures.

I gotta say that's really impressive. And their awesome work continues.

Dr. Rossi and his team reach out to people in need and offer them dental assistance totally free of charge.

Just take a look at this dramatic transformation.

It's amazing to see how some people react after their smile has been restored.

Now they're able to smile with total confidence again. That must be such a life change.

Here's a glimpse of the medical team it takes to treat many people as quickly as possible.

In this instance, 35 volunteers turned into 70. Wow, that's so amazing.

Here's another happy customer who is now able to have a perfect smile.

Not only it brings back confidence but once you tackle dental problems the maintenance is much easier.

This man, Francisco Coelho, was never confident to smile around people because of the state of his teeth.

But after this treatment, he no longer has to rely on a fake smile.

Having a problem with your front teeth can be such a devastating issue to deal with. This beautiful lady used to hide behind people during picture time.

But after this treatment, he no longer has to rely on a fake smile. Not any more.

This is what happens when grateful patients come to visit their doctor.

Sometimes they also bring sweet treats with them. Ohh, that is such a nice gesture to see.

Here's Eva, Dr. Rossi's inspiration for starting his NGO organization.

After four years of traveling many more people have been helped. It's all of them that keep this doctor going.

Can you imagine missing most of your front teeth?

I can't even. Denir Lovaldo dos Santos started loosing his at age 4 and never had proper dental care until now.

Guess what, the doctors are just as anxious as the patients when it comes to the final reveal.

And when they see a smile like this they know it worked.

Many people in poor communities end up loosing their teeth because they never had proper dental care.

Dr. Rossi and his team want to change that and reverse the damage.

Looking at stories like this makes my heart melt.

I'm thrilled to see that there are people out there like Dr. Rossi that truly want to make a lasting change.

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