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So, Bill Murray Applied For A Job At P.F. Chang’s And He Got It

Oh, Bill Murray. When will you stop being such a delight? Can you stop? Is it even possible?

I really hope that it's not because I love it so much. We all do. It definitely makes us laugh, that's for sure.

It's probably safe to say that Bill Murray is a national treasure.


For years, he has made us laugh and delighted us.

Whether he was doing it on SNL, or in one of his many hilarious movies, he's always ready to put a smile on our faces.

Recently, it's been announced he'll have a couple of cameo appearances.


You can go see him right now in the Zombieland sequel, or you can wait until 2020 to see him as Dr. Peter Venkman in the Ghostbusters reboot. The, uh, other Ghostbusters reboot.

But, it seems that we may not see him in any other movies.


Yes, I'm sad to say that Bill Murray may be considering a career change.

He went on Amy Schumer's podcast 3 Girls 1 Keith, where he talked about joining the Atlanta Airport's P.F. Chang’s.

"I did fill out an application at P.F. Chang's at the Atlanta airport, because I think that's one of the great places,"

When pressed about what exactly he did for the company, he wouldn't give specifics, but he did mention that working there looked like "the best time".

The best part is: they offered him the job. Well, we'll miss you Bill Murray, but do what makes you happy.