Green Lantern Is Getting A Show At HBO Max

Uh oh! We all know how the last Green Lantern property turned out, hopefully, this one can be a little better.

Eh, it's HBO, they tend to do pretty good stuff.

It's been a while since we've collectively thought of 'Green Lantern', hasn't it?


The last time was probably around Deadpool 2, where Ryan Reynolds was murdered by the titular character before he could take the job as Hal Jordan.

Unfortunately, Deadpool 2 is not real life.

And we're stuck with 2011's 'Green Lantern'.


But wait! What's that over the horizon? Could it be some sort of flying creature? Perhaps a machine that can glide through the air?

No... it's... it's...

It's a new 'Green Lantern' series on HBO!

DC Comics

Yes, it will be coming to the new streaming service, HBO Max. A couple of questions should be addressed about it before we continue:

Will it be connected to the Arrowverse?

No word on whether or not it will feature any of the characters currently on DC TV.

Will there be any more DC Shows coming to HBO Max?

DC Comics

What is this not good enough for you?

But yes, we're also going to get shows called Strange Adventures (one-off stories with DC characters) and DC Super Hero High which, as you can probably guess, will be a retelling of the Chernobyl incident (kidding, its' description is in the title).

Looks like it should be fun!