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This Mom Is Giving Out Full-Sized Candy Bars On Halloween 'Because It's Joyful'

In a time where more and more parents are encouraging "healthy" Halloween snacks, one woman is standing out from the rest and declaring herself the ultimate trick-or-treating house after revealing she plans on giving the neighborhood kids full-sized bars of candy.

Is it too late to decide to go trick-or-treating this year?

Atlanta-based mom Kaitlyn Ross recently went viral after announcing her plans to go BIG this Halloween.

In an interview with TODAY, the reporter for NBC affiliate 11Alive said she's spent so much time covering negative Halloween stories that she decided to make a change, and that all starts by making some sugar-craving children very, very happy.

"It was just bumming me out that a holiday that's supposed to be about fun was turning into people complaining," she said.

One particularly saddening story recently came out of Chesapeake, Virginia, where officials have made age 14 the trick-or-treating cutoff.

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"They want to cut down on vandalism, which I understand, but I was still-trick-or-treating all through high school, and it didn't seem fair that the kids there don't get to do it," Ross explained. "I think kids should get to stay kids as long as they can, and Halloween is a part of that."

Ross recently found herself in the grocery store where she noticed some particularly huge candy bars.

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She explained, "I remembered how excited everyone would get to go to the house that handed out the full-sized candy bars when I was going up and thought it would be amazing to be able to spread that joy as an adult."

That day, she decided to pick up some boxes of full-sized chocolate bars and Skittles for kids with dairy allergies: "I thought it would be a blast to hand out on Halloween."

She revealed her plans to the world via a very excited Facebook post.

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"I'm going to do it!" she posted, alongside a photo of her holding her impressive candy haul. "I'm going to be the house that hands out the big candy bars at Halloween this year. Why? Because it's JOYFUL!"

She continued, "And I am so sick of hearing about the Halloween haters."

The post also encourages people of all ages to come and snag themselves a full-sized candy bar.

"I know a lot of full-grown adults who deserve a candy bar, too!" she wrote. "Is your kid nonverbal? Shy? Not in the mood to talk to a total stranger? They get a candy bar without having to say a word!"

Since posting the photo on October 24, Ross' announcement has gone viral, racking up nearly 80,000 reactions and 75,000 shares.

In the comments, many people have praised Ross for her efforts to put a little joy back into Halloween, with one person even suggesting she should go one step further and dress up as the "Halloween fairy godmother."

Ross said the viral post has garnered plenty of feedback, some hysterical and some "really unexpected."

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"I love hearing from people about their wonderful Halloween experiences and their memories from growing up," she wrote. "I've had a lot of people ask for our address!"

She said that she shares most moms' feelings of insecurity around the holidays like perhaps they aren't doing enough or giving their kids the best experience possible.

"But I try to remember that as long as we are together, that's the part he'll remember," she said. "That and the candy!"

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