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Adorable Toddler Friends Nail Their Chip And Joanna Gaines Halloween Costumes

Although it's usually a safe bet to assume that kids will want to be a popular superhero for Halloween, sometimes they can surprise us with costume ideas we never would've expected.

For instance, there was one year when I was 12 that I had my heart set on going as Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde's 1891 novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray and have my dad play the cursed painting.

That request came out of nowhere for my parents and my mom's coworkers cruelly told her she would be a horrible parent if she let me do it (which I still don't understand), but we put some fancy clothes and a picture frame together and dad and I both had a great time.

And in another clear case of the power of following a kid's unexpected whims, two toddlers once got a lot of mileage out of dressing as two HGTV stars.

Although they're both only four-years-old, Sydney Frenkel and Ryan Freedman of New Jersey have been friends for years.

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As Sydney's mom, Eumy Rha Frenkel, told Parents.com, the two met at a Gymboree class when they were six-months-old and quickly became best friends.

While friends often share many interests, Sydney and Ryan are both passionate about one you might not expect out of two toddlers.

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They're both big fans of Fixer Upper an HGTV reality show centered around home remodeling and design starring husband and wife duo Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Eumy said their love of the show has a lot to do with the Gaines couple themselves.

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As she told Parents.com, Sydney will often say, "She looks like me" when she catches a glimpse of Joanna.

But while that obviously played a big part in inspiring this costume choice, it wasn't the only factor.

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As Eumy said, "The kids truly act like and old married couple. They light up when they see each other and bicker like husband and wife."

And that makes these photos of them in costume even cuter.

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It's unclear whether either of the TV hosts heard about how excited their young fans were to emulate them, but they're definitely winning in our books.

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