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'Ghost Adventures' Star Got Sick After Investigating Real 'Conjuring' House

Ghost Adventures is an amazing show that tackles real-life cases, but this time, it negatively impacted the star of the show.

Zak Bagans ended up getting physically ill from his latest adventure and needed time to recover.

Zak Bagans went to actually visit the 300-year-old home of the Perron family.

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Sound familiar?

It's the story that inspired the horror movie The Conjuring.

And during his investigation, he actually fell ill.

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“This house made me sick, and I did not recover from this investigation for about three weeks,”

He continued by saying:

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“It took everything out of me. My body wasn’t functioning right. My balance. This place is haunted by something I believe is very ancient.”

And he had some parting words for the new owners.

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"They need to be very aware of what they could potentially be dealing with," he said.

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