'Supernatural' Star Reveals Growing Up Homeless Helped Him Be A Better Parent

What an inspiration. He went from the streets to big-time Hollywood, and now he's passing on the lessons he's learned to his children.

Well, we need more people like him. More motivators.

'Supernatural' is a pretty good show if you wanna get hyped up.


Any show that combines action, fighting and high intensity with ghosts, ghoulies and other supernatural beings is sure to get the blood pumping.

A real good motivator, if I do say so myself.

But you know who else is a good motivator? Misha Collins, the guy who plays Castiel on 'Supernatural'


Recently, he sat down and wrote an article for the New York Times parenting section about his childhood.

He describes it as "nomadic", a life littered with stealing food and his mother's cooking. They would hitchhike around the US, sleeping in tents and protesting against "The Man".

In the article, he compares his life to the life he now shares with his own children, which is more on the side of normal and less on the side of being a hippie.


One comparison stands out:

"When I became a parent myself, I started to recognize the hidden costs of the adventures in my early years: I had grown up surrounded by danger. At 9 and 7, my kids still find most Pixar movies too scary, but when I was 10, I was getting sunburnt working on a cucumber farm..."

"And was haunted with recurring nightmares about nuclear holocaust after watching apocalyptic movies at the art-house theater with my mom."

Instagram | @mishacollins

But most of the article is about how he remembers food being a big part of his childhood, considering they didn't have all that much.

And now, he shares some beautiful food with his children, because he has the means too.