Reese's Holiday Lights And Mystery Shapes Are Their First New Shapes In 20 years

With food and confectionery companies continuously releasing new and improved seasonal flavors and products every year, it's hard to believe it's been 20 years since Reese's has released a different seasonal shape for the holidays.

For years, they've wrapped their peanut butter cups in gold-, red-, and green-colored foils, as well as featured their classic peanut butter-filled and chocolate-coated treat in the shape of a symbolic Christmas tree.

We've really been eating with our eyes first when it comes to the chocolate peanut butter treat.

People thought they looked...a little different than as described.

Back in 2015, people lost their minds on social media after many discovered their "Christmas trees" looked like blobs of nothing.

Now, Reese's is trying something a little different that might work a little better 20 years later.


They're releasing four different symbolic shapes of the season in their classic Reese's peanut butter cup flavor to celebrate the occasion.

One of those shapes in their new Holiday Lights, wrapped in fun green and red foils reminiscent of classic vintage bulbs.

Their next product is a package of three different "mystery" shapes that now leave the shape in the eye of the beholder.


I guess they're trying to avoid the whole fiasco from 2015 and just let people decide on the shapes in the bag.

That way, even if they turn out to look like nothing, it was all "on purpose."

Instagrammer @markie_devo has some thoughts as to what these shapes might be.

Instagram | @markie_devo

Of course, the second one in the lineup looks like a stocking.

Markie says that the first one could be Santa or a lump of coal, and the third could be a snowman or Krampus. Ah!

However, Reese's might be having déjà vu, because people are already shading the shapes.

Looks like we've got another #shapegate on our hands, people.

What do you think the shapes are? Let us know!

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