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Wife Catches Husband 'Terrorizing' Neighborhood While Dressed As Michael Myers

When it comes to Halloween, some people get really into it. It's not enough to just dress up on the actual day of — they have to go that extra mile and do everything in their power to turn plain ol' October into "Spooktober".

Evan Zimmerman is one of those people.

According to TODAY, the Halloween enthusiast was recently filmed by his irate wife after she caught him dressed up as Michael Myers while attempting to bring some festive frights to his neighborhood of Decatur, Indiana.

In the video, his wife, Sabrina, is driving home when she notices her husband's unusual garb.

In order to truly become the classic character from the 1978 slasher film Halloween, Evan donned a blue jumpsuit, complete with the iconic pale-faced mask that Myers wears throughout the entire film.

However, he did take some creative liberties and detoured from the original concept a tiny bit.

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I'm not sure how the O.G. Michael Myers got around town so quickly, but Zimmerman's transportation of choice is a pink bicycle pulling a child carrier with (what else?) a baby skeleton riding inside.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sabrina demands as she films her husband pedaling his truly villainous bike.

Facebook | Sabrina Zimmerman

He pulls up to a stop next to her car and silently observes her as she continues to scold him.

"Oh my God, are we these people now?" Sabrina demands. "Ride around with a skeleton baby and my bike? Seriously, get home or I'm gonna have you committed."

Michael Evan then simply pedals away as his son, seated next to Sabrina in the car, struggles to catch his breath from laughing so hard.

Sabrina posted the video online along with the caption, "Sooo this is happening... can it be November yet? Michael Myers strikes again."

Facebook | Sabrina Zimmerman

The hilarious clip went viral on Facebook, racking up over 5 million views and more than 160,000 shares.

In an interview with TODAY, Evan revealed he's been dressing as Michael since 2012, but this is the first year his wife has caught him on video.

He said Decatur police know to disregard any phone calls about Michael Myers sightings in the area.

Facebook | Sabrina Zimmerman

That's because Evan doesn't just dress like the classic character — he embodies him, going so far as to stand in people's yards and stare at them through their windows.

Sometimes he carries a fake butcher knife to truly get folks' hearts racing.

In case you can't already tell, Evan takes his Myers persona VERY seriously.

He's definitely committed, I'll give him that. And I also admire the atmosphere of pure fear he's so lovingly created in his neighborhood.

Who's that strange man standing in the garden with a butcher knife? You hope it's Evan but do you really know for sure?

Up until recently, Evan had never been threatened while dressed as Myers.

"I had a situation last week, where a guy said he was going to shoot me," he revealed, though added proudly that he never once broke character during the terrifying encounter.

While that one person wasn't exactly a fan of the whole "Myers" thing, Evan said most children love it.

The braver ones usually even want pictures taken with him.

And in case you were wondering, he makes sure to avoid the elderly in his scares because, y'know, he doesn't want to actually kill anyone.

Evan's "Myers" persona has become so popular that he's started his very own YouTube channel devoted to the character.

Since it was started this month, the channel already has 14 videos featuring "Michael" in various situations, from stealing a riding lawnmower to crashing a children's karate lesson.

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