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Kylie Jenner's Halloween Costume For Stormi Is Being Called 'Abusive'

Kylie Jenner is catching some serious heat for Stormi's controversial Met Gala Halloween costume.

So much so that some people have even branded the young mother as being "abusive."


Things aren't looking too good for Kylie Jenner right now...

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The reality star was just accused of being "abusive" for dressing up her 20-month-old daughter, Stormi, in a replica of the dress she wore to this year's Met Gala.

For reference, here's the infamous dress:

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She attended the event in the Versace gown with her then-boyfriend and Stormi's father, Travis Webster.

The drama towards Stormi's costume all began on Sunday when Kylie shared images and a video of Stormi dressed up in the unique costume.

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"My baby!!!!!!!! i cant handle this!!!! " the proud mama captioned the post.

At first, the comments were super positive, with everyone from fans to celebs gushing over how cute the little one looked.

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These celeb commenters included Paris Hilton and even mom Kris Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

"Ohhh I love it. She’s adorable," wrote singer Cassie.

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"Dead," wrote actress Vanessa Hudgens, along with a heart emoji.

It didn't take long, though, for the comments to turn negative...

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Trolls were slamming the mom for the "inappropriate" costume choice and even pointed out how unhappy Stormi looked.

On Twitter, some made fun of the fact that Stormi likely wanted to dress up in something more age-appropriate.

Like "Paw Patrol" or Peppa the Pig."

"I'm sorry but why can't you just let her be a normal kid and let her dress with a costume she'd be happy with."

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Another called the Met Gala look "creepy and weird."

Someone blamed the behavior on the stars.

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She blamed Kylie's desire to dress her daughter up as her on being a Leo, which, honestly, based on some of the Leos that I know might not be too far off.

I'm joking!

Some people felt it was unfair to Stormi.

Kylie dressed up in a multitude of costumes, but it looks like Stormi only got the one, and that was her mom.

Things reached new heights of bad when Kylie was branded as being "narsasstic."

"What level of self absorbed is this," another user wrote.

People were not happy.

"Kylie played the [expletive] out of Stormi. How did she get to be Ariel and Stormi got to be… disappointed..." another comment read, referencing Kylie's own Disney costume that would've likely been enjoyed by her toddler.

But nothing was as bad as when some people labelled Kylie as being "abusive."

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One user also wrote that Stormi is being "tortured."

Labelling her as this was definitely taking things too far, so thankfully some of her fans stepped in to defend her.

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"Okay but.. why is everyone saying this is abuse. if she was hurting Stormi in ANY way, that’s abuse. Dressing HER child up to look like a mini version of herself is cute. NOT abuse," added another.

Of course, some people thought all of this was unreasonable.

They shared their own examples of their parents dressing them in questionable Halloween choices, including this kid, whose mom dressed him as a table.

So far, Kylie hasn't commented on any of the backlash.

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She's been active on social media, though, uploading a video of her and her bestie Stassi dressed up as Britney Spears and Madonna for Halloween.

Their costumes recreated that iconic 2003 MTV VMAs performance between the two singers.

This meant that the girls gave each other a quick smooch, just like Britney and Madonna did in the original performance.

That wasn't the only costume the two besties pulled off together.

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Kylie recently posted this image of her and Stassi dressed up as matching Playboy bunnies.

It's a fitting costume since Kylie graced the cover of Playboy this year.

Kylie and her friends pulled off ANOTHER set of costumes for another party.

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This time the theme seemed to be Disney princesses, as Kylie was dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Sofia Richie, who's dating Kylie's sister's ex-husband (complicated, I know) was Sleeping Beauty.

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These weren't the traditional versions of these princesses' outfits, but I doubt many people at the party were complaining.

Hopefully all this Halloween fun will help take her mind off the drama!

What do you think of Stormi's Met Gala costume?

Was it taking things too far?