An Inflatable 'Christmas Vacation' Snow Globe Is Here To Light Up Our Lawns

I don't know about all of you, but in my family it's become an annual tradition to sit down together and watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation as many times as possible before the big day arrives. I think our record is 12.

But as delightful as it is to light a cozy fire and gather with loved ones around a television screen, wouldn't it be incredible if you could enjoy those same, hilarious scenes from the comfort of your very own driveway?

Well now you can!

This inflatable "Christmas Vacation" snow globe is the very lawn decoration your home has been missing.

Home Depot

Standing at an impressive 8-feet high, this rotund holiday must-have is more than just another way to make your house the envy of the entire neighborhood.

It actually comes with a weather-proof projector, so you can dazzle everyone with footage of classic scenes from the Christmas classic.

Using advanced, high-tech image mapping, the Living Projection inflatable can display dynamic moving scenes, complete with sound.

You can choose from five memorable moments pulled directly from the film, as well as four other exciting transition scenes. Pick your favorite or set your snow globe to "shuffle" so all the scenes play in one continuous loop.

The best news? The system includes external ports so you can use it as your own personal projector all year round!

Everything you need to set up your very own Griswold-worthy lawn display comes included with the globe.

So that means no struggling with impossibly knotted lights or risking sending an ice harpoon through your neighbor's bedroom window as you hang precariously from your gutters.

Each snow globe retails for $199 and can be purchased through the Home Depot website.

If you want something a bit more low-key but still festive, check out this inflatable 'Christmas Vacation' RV.

Home Depot

This ode to cousin Eddie's festive mobile home from the movie is also available through the Home Depot website and is so realistic, you'll expect to see Eddie himself standing outside it in bathrobe as he empties the toilet into the sewers.

Or, you can keep the Griswold family Christmas spirit alive with this inflatable station wagon, complete with an over-sized tree lovingly tied to its roof.

Personally, I don't think any lawn is complete without all three lawn inflatables. But go with your heart and pick up as many as you think will suit your home. And in the words of Clark himself, "have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas!"