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People Are Convinced Mountain Dew Is Releasing A Peach-Flavored Drink For New Year's

I never knew this before, but there's a whole community out there that is obsessed with Mountain Dew. Yes, the number one most hated drink by dentists. The drink that looks like nuclear waste. The drink that your parents said would rot your teeth. The drink that keeps Honey Boo Boo wired.

But there is a rumor, or conspiracy rather, that is plaguing the internet, and we need answers.

People love Mountain Dew, but they also love their other flavors, like the iconic Baja Blast.

This past Halloween season, the company also released a seasonal mystery Voo Dew flavor.

I tasted it, and it tastes like liquid sour sugar crystals.

This wasn't their first go at a seasonal product.

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Last holiday season, they released Merry-Mashup, a combination of the holiday flavors cranberry and pomegranate.

According to the internet, Mountain Dew might be releasing a peach flavor for New Year's aptly named Happy Dew Year.

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The rumors all started on a Mountain Dew chatroom, where a photo of Voo Dew, Merry-Mashup, and Happy Dew Year was released.

Because the other two flavors were released, people have assumed that Happy Dew Year will be released, too.

People have also been getting hyped up over at Reddit.

"If this is real, I'm gonna have a new favorite dew," one Redditor said.

However, one individual isn't too convinced.

They said, "Maybe but I don't see them making another peach only because KFC has a contract to have the exclusive flavor for a certain period of time and if they make something to similar they probably won't be too happy lol."


Now, the drink is not to be confused with its fraternal twin Sweet Lightning that was released exclusively to KFC this year.

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One Redditor said "Difference being, Sweet Lightning has honey and sucralose...this will not have either."

But how do they know ?!

And that's the thing — everyone who has commented some information, whether it be that they expect it not to taste like Sweet Lightning or expect its release for late November haven't said how they know and no one's asked.

Anyways, I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for an official release or statement from Mountain Dew.

Hang tight, people.

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