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Forensic Pathologist Says Epstein’s Injuries Look More Like Murder Than Suicide

Months after multi-millionaire sex trafficker Jeffery Epstien's apparent suicide while in prison, a forensic pathologist hired by Epstein's brother has reexamined the body and claims that the injuries Epstein sustained are more consistent with murder by strangulation rather than suicide.

Dr. Michael Baden spoke to 'Fox And Friends' on Wednesday about Epstein's autopsy.

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Epstein was found hanging in his Manhattan jail cell on Aug. 10 and had two fractures on the left and right sides of his larynx (the thyroid cartilage, or hyoid bone above the Adam’s apple).

After overseeing the autopsy, Baden came to the conclusion that those injuries are not consistent with suicide by hanging.

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"Those three fractures are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings," he said, "And could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation."

Baden also mentioned that Epstein's hemorrhaging of the eyes was also more consistent with strangulation than with hanging.

Baden's conclusions directly conflict with New York City Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson's.

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Sampson originally concluded that Epstein's cause of death was suicide by hanging.

Despite the fact that Baden was hired by Epstein's brother, his extensive experience in forensic pathology cannot be ignored. The 85-year-old once led the New York City Medical Examiner’s office and was even on the congressional committee in charge of probing the death of John F. Kennedy.

Conspiracy theories surrounding the circumstances of Epstein's death have only gained more and more traction in the months since his autopsy.

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Most of the theories are centered on the idea that Epstein may have been murdered as a way of protecting other rich men in his social circle who may have also been participants in his crimes.

New York City Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson has yet to comment on Baden's findings.

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