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Paris Hilton Got Called Out For Saying 15-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Was 'Hot'

The most iconic line of the early 2000s pop culture might have to go to Paris Hilton's legendary "That's hot." Everything was "that's hot." Everyone wanted to be "that's hot."

Nowadays, it's not quite so iconic, and it doesn't always go over so well.

Millie Bobby Brown, who you might know as Eleven from 'Stranger Things' proved this recently.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

She posted this shot on her Instagram recently, with the caption "same dress but v different day."

Paris decided to leave a comment on this image.

"That's hot," she wrote alongside the emoji of two hearts.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

This comment did NOT go over well with Millie's fans, and especially not with actress Evan Rachel Wood, who immediately responded to Paris' comment with a simple "She's 15."

Other fans also called Paris out for her comment.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

Another wrote, "@evanrachelwood my thoughts exaclty?! What a comment," while other fans came to Paris' defense.

"Leave paris hilton alone her catchphrase has been “thats hot” since 2003 she says it about everything from food pics to fighting global climate change," said one Twitter user.

Others thought Evan Rachel Wood was just trying to start drama.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

"Isn't that just the adjective Paris Hilton gives to everything? I don't think she knows better, right?" wrote another Twitter user.

Do you think fans were being too hard on Paris for using her catchphrase, or should she have found a more age-appropriate comment for Millie?

This isn't the first time Millie Bobby Brown's been at the center of this kind of controversy.

In 2017, when Millie was just thirteen, she was listed as a reason that W Magazine declared "Why TV is sexier than ever."

People were NOT happy.

Tons of fans immediately took to social media to explain exactly why it was so messed up — and the fact that anyone NEEDED it to be explained is wild.

Obviously, it's not an appropriate way to write about a teenager.

Millie is stylish, confident, cool, and even cute — but she's definitely not sexy, and we should let her just be a child!

Back then, instead of Evan Rachel Wood coming to her defense, Mara Wilson did.

Twitter | @MaraWilson

The spirit behind the comment was the same, though — just leave her alone! If you're an adult, you really don't need to be commenting on Millie's appearance.

Millie recently had to come to her own defense after posting this picture.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

I'm sure when Millie posted this pic of her in a cute dress, she wasn't expecting the comments to blow up they way that they did.

Millie eventually made a post on her Instagram story addressing all the comments.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

She instructed people to just ignore what she posts if they don't approve, since she can post whatever she wants on her own Instagram page.

You tell 'em, Millie!

The comment section became flooded with fans telling her she should act her age.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

"I'm not trying to be mean but men will think you're much older in this outfit," one commenter wrote, while others said that she should be dressing more like a teenager than a 25 year old.