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Alabama Abortion Ban Officially Blocked Making Abortion Legal In All States

Access to abortion services has been a hot-button issue in the United States for decades, flaring up more and more frequently in recent years. A recent ruling has drastically changed the landscape, ensuring that all 50 states are on the same page.

Women have technically had this right since 1973.

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Ever since the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling in 1973, women in the United States have had the right to seek abortion services. But almost since the original ruling, this right has come under attack time and time again.

Some states make it very difficult to get an abortion.

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Take Utah for example, a vast state that has only two licensed abortion clinics, both of them in the same county. This makes it very difficult for women in remote corners of the state to exercise their rights.

Alabama has made its position known.

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An anti-abortion bill signed by Governor Kay Ivey back in May mandated that abortions were not legal in Alabama. The bill has been a source of controversy throughout 2019.

The governor acknowledged that the bill was "unenforceable".

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Considering it was in violation of a clear Supreme Court precedent, it was only a matter of time before the bill was challenged. It was set to go into effect on November 15th, so time was of the essence.

A federal judge has thrown the bill out.

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Federal Judge Myron Thompson issued a preliminary injunction to block the bill from taking effect until the case can be resolved in full. Crucially, this prevents the bill from being activated on November 15.

The judge didn't mince words.

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Thompson wrote that the ban "violates the right of an individual to privacy, to make choices central to personal dignity and autonomy," adding that it "diminishes the capacity of women to act in society, and to make reproductive decisions."

"It defies the United States Constitution."

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Thompson was damning in his opinion, pointing out that the bill clearly violates Roe v. Wade. While groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood applauded the ruling, the fight is likely not done.

Anti-abortion groups made their voices heard.

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There was plenty of chatter about the ruling on Twitter Tuesday afternoon, and Alabama lawmakers made clear that they're planning on appealing the decision all the way to the Supreme Court.

Alabama isn't the first state to try this.

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Various other states have attempted to weaken or overturn Supreme Court precedent, and have been roundly blocked. Alabama is the final state to see their attempts to ban abortion fail.

The saga continues.

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Considering Roe v. Wade was decided nearly half a century ago and states continue to revisit the abortion debate, it seems unlikely that the country will ever be unified on this issue. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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