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Heated Dumpling Slippers Are Here To Keep Your Feet Super Cozy And Cute

Sometimes I feel like all I want to do is just snuggle up all day on the couch, watching reality tv, and feel like a giant popping hot dumpling.

What's better? Urban Outfitters is selling a pair of heated dumpling slippers that can make my daydream a reality.

I don't know about you, but if I saw these hanging in a store I would immediately grab them like some sort of spell cast over my body can't stop me.

Urban Outfitters

These dumpling slippers by online gift shop Smoko and are currently being sold at Urban Outfitters for $35.

Not only are they super freaking adorable, but they will also ensure your feet are nice and toasty, just like a fresh dumpling!

Urban Outfitters

They're USB powered, so they're super easy to warm up your tootsies.

Right now they're available for pre-order, making the perfect gift for a special someone who always complains their feet are cold.

Urban Outfitters

I definitely know a few people who could benefit greatly from these cuties!

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