Creative Mom Upcycles Cardboard Into Epic Costumes

Sometimes I wish I had some kind of unique talent that nobody else has. Do you? Wouldn't that be so cool? I recently stumbled upon this awesome mom who makes costumes out of carboard boxes and I think that's real talent here.

The stuff she comes up with is really amazing. But don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Alicia Brown from Melbourne loves making stuff from cardboard so much that she even designs templates for other people to do so too.

And she's a real wizard at it.

She thinks cardboard is really underappreciated by people because it mostly gets thrown away.

But if you're as creative as she is you might just find other use for it.

Every time she gets her hands on more cardboard she gets very excited about the possibilities of coming up with another awesome and creative idea.

That's a real passion for cardboard.

Working with cardboard is not only free (when is the next package coming?) but gives you lots of creative freedom.

It's a very versatile medium. Alicia's pieces are living proof.

Check out this elaborate piece.

I can't believe this was made entirely out of cardboard. That's so amazing. I bet the kids get a kick out of it.

One of the things Alicia loves about being a mom is being able to make stuff for her kids.

That's where her love of cardboard really took off.

See how she turned this little one into an adorable dinosaur.

This costume comes alive with an accompanying crocheted outfit. What a great way to show off for Halloween.

Here she created a special skull template to celebrate the Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) holiday that was highly requested by her fan base.

What a spooky stunner.

And how about this cool Frankenstein head?

I can't think of an easier Halloween outfit than this alongside some ragged clothes and a vicious grunt. Hee, hee. That sounds fun.

She even makes spaceships like this out of cardboard with an added touch of a transparent umbrella.

I bet that must be a total hoot for the kiddos.

Channel your inner Cousin It or ZZ Top with this super creative beard.

Ha, ha. I think you would be so popular at your Halloween party wearing this. Don't you think?

Her designs literally come alive with the help of some cool paint.

I think they look good enough to be part of the live version of The Lion King.

When you order one of Alicia's designs you'll have the blueprint of how to assemble it and get some ideas on how to decorate it as well.

That's so handy.

I've never seen anybody be so passionate about making stuff out of carboard.

To be able to do elaborate designs as Alicia does is real talent, people.