Mom Gets Anonymous Letter Asking Her To Remove 'Scary And Inappropriate' Halloween Decoration

One woman's Halloween decorations have sparked an interesting debate online. Even though the decorations weren't intended to be controversial, an anonymous letter that was shared online has people talking about "how scary is too scary" when it comes to Halloween.

There's probably at least one house on your street that goes all-out with their Halloween decorations.

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Lots of people are happy to carve a pumpkin or two and leave it at that, but some spend weeks turning their home into a literal haunted house.

Sure, some of the decorations are spooky, but that's what Halloween is all about, right?

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When it comes to Halloween decorations, is there ever such a thing as going too far?

That's the question one mom had to face recently over her home's decorations.

Facebook | Candice Brewster

Candice Brewster of Madison, Mississippi was surprised when she discovered an anonymous letter in her mailbox from a neighbor over her Halloween decorations.

In the letter, the anonymous writer called Candice's decorations "scary and inappropriate."

Facebook | Candice Brewster

The writer asked Candice to take down her decorations to keep the neighborhood "family-friendly".

The writer was specifically addressing this hanging skeleton decoration in her yard.

Facebook | Candice Brewster

They did, however, compliment Candice's scarecrow and pumpkins.

Ultimately, this neighbor wanted Candice to take down the decoration from her yard.

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The letter was signed from "Your Fellow Neighbor" without any indications of who left it for Candice.

Candice decided to share her story online in a Facebook post.

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In her post she said her daughter excited to hang the decoration up. "...I didn’t think anything about it but I don’t want to be offensive…….I just can’t believe that is IS offensive," she said.

Part of the reason why she shared her post was because she wanted advice.

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"Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach your child to not be scared and deal with things?? Is this really where we are as a society?? I’m seriously asking……is this offensive and would you take it down or leave it up?" she asked

Candice even joked about the possibility of keeping it up all year.

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"Part of me wants to leave it up and dress it in red and green for Christmas, put a companion with it for Valentine’s Day and a pink Tutu on it for Easter and part of me wants to rip it down and throw it away!" she said.

Since sharing her story, many people have weighed in on this neighborhood dispute.

Facebook | Cameron Compton

Most of the comments on Candice's post agreed with her saying that the neighbor was out of line.

A lot of comments were unhappy with the neighbor not speaking to Candice directly.

Facebook | Kim Walker Douglas

An anonymous letter can seem a bit passive-aggressive. Many people said it is better to just deal with these issues in person.

Many people said that when it comes to your home, you get to decide how to decorate it.

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As long as the decorations are keeping within the spirit of Halloween, people should be able to decorate as they choose.

Others said that this letter-writer was looking to start drama.

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The Facebook comments also encouraged Candice to leave the decoration up.

What do you think?

Is the decoration too scary or was it inappropriate for the neighbor to leave an anonymous request for its removal?

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