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This Cabin Tucked In The Woods Is Completely Made Of Stunning Stained Glass

Many people daydream about escaping to a cabin in the woods. Truly, I do not mean in a scary movie sort of way. I mean that many people want to escape from the busy-ness of life and head into the tranquility and quiet that the forest brings.

What if your dreams were turned into a reality? Don't jump and down just yet. You gotta work for it! That's the case for one artist who transformed an ordinary cabin in the woods into the ultimate tranquil hideaway.

This isn't your ordinary rustic cabin in the woods, people. This is a hideaway that no one would ever want to leave.

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Niele Cooper is a glass and jewelry artist who created this stunning cabin.

Called the Glass Room, the space is acts as a charming studio away from Neile's home into the inspiring natural space of the woods.

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Indeed, many artists have retreated to the woods to awaken their creative in the solace and company of their own self within nature.

Re: Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Kanye West.

Neile's cabin is art in and of itself. As a stained glass artist, she used her skills and knowledge to craft the most stunning siding made completely of stained glass windows.

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It looks absolutely stunning at dusk.

All of her motifs are inspired by the very place her cabin is situated — the woods. The windows feature detailed colorful representations of birds, flowers, insects, and plants.

Instagram | @neilecooper

I don't know how she just uses this as a studio space — I would never want to leave! And maybe she doesn't.

Check out her Etsy shop to see her beautiful stained glass jewelry, too!