Getty Images | Rich Fury

John Cena Just Donated $500k To First Responders Fighting California Wildfires

John Cena is one of Hollywood's most generous celebrities. Not only is he the holder of the title of most Make-A-Wish wishes granted (over 600 wishes), but he often donates his time and money to causes that are important to him.

Cena recently uploaded a video to his Twitter account highlighting his most recent act of generosity.

In the video, Cena noted that his upcoming film, Playing With Fire, "showcases a group of people that I believe are heroes: first responders."

“Right now, California is in dire straits."

"It is burning. It is under siege from massive wildfires statewide, which means that our first responders are working around the clock and they need our help," Cena said in the video.

“I want Paramount to do me one favor. I want them to pick a charity. Pick a charity that aids our first responders as soon as possible.”

“On behalf of Playing with Fire, and out of respect to the people who I truly believe are heroes, my response will be to immediately donate half a million dollars to this cause,” Cena continued.

He noted that it was #FirstRespondersDay on Twitter.

"I'm asking that today on #FirstRespondersDay we do everything we can do to help those who risk their lives to protect us all," he captioned the video.