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10+ Rare Photos Of Keanu Reeves From Before The World Fell In Love With Him

Keanu Reeves is the internet's best boyfriend. That's just a fact.*

So, if you're in the mood for some wholesome Keanu content, you have come to the right place.

*It's not, it's my opinion, but I think we all know I'm correct. Thank you.

Keanu's excellent photo op.

Getty Images | George Rose

The year: 1987. The location: West Hollywood. The hair: playfully dishevelled.

Keanu was in West Hollywood to pose for a photo session promoting Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. I need to know if he put that happy face patch on his shorts himself. Need.

There's so much to unpack here.

Keanu. Keanu's workout wristbands. Rob Lowe. Robe Lowe's specially designed sports glasses. It's just a lot to look at, you know?

Whatever happened to inspire a celebrity basketball game at Fairfax High, I salute it.

Contemplative Keanu.

Getty Images | Aaron Rapoport

Here we see a young Keanu Reeves staring contemplatively off into the distance. What stardom would lay in his future? What memes would skyrocket him to viral internet legend status? How many dogs would he eventually avenge?

Model Keanu.

Alright, so let's just examine this from the top down. Hair: boyish, yet messy. That checks out. Shirt and vest combo? Living for it, wish it would come back into fashion.

Cutoffs? The definition of jorts. Y'all, take notes. This is the look to go for in summer 2020.


Talk Film Society

Guys. Period piece Keanu_. This is Keanu in 1988's Dangerous Liasons, in which he, John Malkovich, Glenn Close, and Uma Thurman won my award for "People I Would Not Expect to Star in a Movie About 18th Century France."

Just a good 'ol Canadian boy on a block.

Getty Images | Aaron Rapoport

What's he doing? Idk. Why's he doing it? Because he's Keanu.

Also, did you know Keanu is Canadian? Nice.

I don't want to know why this picture happened.

Imgur | ILikeCeaserSalad

I don't want an explanation. I don't want to know the how, why, where, or when. I just want to live in a world where Keanu randomly posed for a picture while flashing his nips.

This man may actually be a puppy.

Getty Images | Michael Ochs Archives

He was only 23 when this picture was snapped in 1987. Like the happy face shorts photo session, Keanu was moments away from making it big thanks to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Party hardy.

Imgur | CodyOng

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that these three had a great night. Julia Roberts looks like she kinda has it together for the cameras, Winona Ryder is still in party mode, and Keanu...well, Keanu looks like he's on another plane of existence entirely.

So, normal Keanu.

Flower child.

Deborah Feingold had a vision for Keanu on this day: stick him in nature, see what he does. We saw the marshy rock moment, but now it's time for his peace and love moment.

John Wick: The early years.

Famously Arrested

In 1993, Keanu was arrested for driving under the influence and reckless driving. While John Wick would definitely be charged with reckless driving, he probably wouldn't be down for the driving under the influence part.

Anyway, if you hadn't seen Keanu's mugshot...well, now you have.

This is the most '90s image.

Getty Images | David Keeler

Did you know they totally had crushes on each other while they were filming Speed, but thought the other person actually didn't like them? I know! They should date. Like, now.

I was not expecting this.

Getty Images | Lester Cohen

What a wild combination of people. Keanu and David Bowie met in 1992, when Keanu's rock band, Dogstar, opened for Bowie.

Yup, Keanu was in a band. A rock bad. That's just so Keanu.

He's just a cool dude.

Getty Images | Rob Galella

Here's our man hanging loose at the premiere of Point Break in 1991.

This brings me to my working theory that Keanu is actually a huge dork who accidentally became famous. Thoughts?

Bonus regular Keanu: Just a nice guy riding the subway.

Imgur | iHasanOscar

Keanu is notoriously low-key. He doesn't use his celebrity status to further himself at all — he buys his own movie tickets and waits in lines to get into his own movie's wrap party.

So yeah, it makes a lot of sense that he'd casually ride the subway.