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Oreo-Flavored Candy Canes Are Officially Back, And People Are Real Excited

Candy canes may be one of the many icons and symbols of the holiday season, but let's be real about them for a second — no one actually enjoys sucking on a peppermint candy cane. It's okay — this is a safe space to admit it.

However, there are many candy canes now that honor the flavors of other delicious candies. But cookies?

That's right. There are cookie-flavored candy canes. In particular, I'm talking about Oreos.

Instagram | @candyhunting

That classic cookies and creme flavor decided to transform itself into a hard candy in the shape of a cane, and while I sure don't know how I feel about them, people really like 'em.

They made their first appearance in 2017, by the looks of Instagrammer @candyhunting's post.

Instagram | @candyhunting

I mean, I would be a little jarred and shocked to see an icon in the cookie world turned into an iconic Christmas treat.

However, one of Delish's editors recently found them on a shelf, and while there is no photo proof, I definitely take their word for it.

This Instagrammer had a chance to try them last year, and said that while they definitely smell like cookies and creme, they taste more chocolatey than creamy.

Also, if you eat candy canes like this, you're a monster.

Anyways, we don't know how we feel about them.

I don't really like when my beloved Oreos are tampered with, but if the people like 'em, then I guess I have no excuse to not try them.

h/t: Delish