Hot Cocoa M&M's Are Coming Back To Target This Winter

M&M's have always been a staple treat around the holidays. Growing up, my cousins always had bowls of red and green color-coated classic and peanut M&M's in jars around the living room, and I know they weren't the only ones.

M&M's has come a long way from simply changing the colors of their candy to match the seasons, releasing many limited edition flavors that almost make people forget about their iconic milk chocolate treat.

For the 2018 holiday season, M&M's released a delightful hot cocoa flavor, featuring a milk chocolate coating and a white chocolate marshmallow center.


People absolutely loved this flavor, especially the packaging.

Good news, people — the wintery flavor is coming back!

Last year they were a Target exclusive, and this year is no different.

As if we needed anymore reason to head to Target!

The chocolate morsels are covered with colors reminiscent of hot cocoa — cream for marshmallows, dark brown for the hot cocoa mix, and a caramel-y color for when the marshmallows melt into the hot beverage.

Instagram | @munchiebunchie

Looks like you get a pretty decent amount in a bag, too!

Instagram food reviewers gave raving reviews, giving the holiday snack a 7-9/10 rating, which is pretty high!

Instagram | @munchiebunchie

Instagrammer @munchiebunchie says it's a very light flavor of hot cocoa and marshmallow, but it's super delicious!

However, @unwrappeddaily said that if you're looking for a strong hot cocoa flavor, this isn't it.

Our number one food watchdog @foodiewiththebeasts also spotted another seasonal flavor not exclusive to Target.

This one should be another good one! I bet it'd be good mixed with a bag of the Hot Cocoa flavor. Just make sure you @ me if you do it.

h/t: Best Products