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Couple Transforms Tiny Bedroom Into Chic Bathroom Furnished With Upcycled Items

What if you could buy a cheap fixer-upper and renovate it to your liking? Not only are you saving money on not buying a ready to move in property but you can buy second-hand items to save even further.

Well, that's exactly what these first-time home buyers did and they transformed one of their small bedrooms into a bathroom of their dreams.

Popular vlogger Madeleine Abbott and boyfriend Alex bought a £230,000 four-bedroom fixer-upper cottage in a west Cornwall village in the U.K.

They decided to renovate it while being as thrifty as possible.

One of the projects they knew they wanted to attempt in their new house was to convert a small bedroom into a chic and spacious bathroom totally worthy of Instagram.

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Definitely not an amateur project.

Their original ensuite bathroom was literally tiny so I'm not surprised they wanted to get rid of it in favor of losing a small bedroom instead.

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This makes sense.

But there were issues with this new and exciting idea.

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The piping in the new space had to be done from scratch since the house they bought was built in the 1940s.

They couldn't even use the old flooring.

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I guess it must've been not suitable for this purpose. So more work needed to be done than expected as per usual with these projects.

And, of course, all the new piping had to be cleverly hidden behind these wooden panels which then got a new life with a shiny coat of fresh paint.

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At least they found some solutions.

The couple also got some cool features in their new spacious bathroom such as a relaxing bathtub and a modern-looking shower.

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Which they seem to absolutely adore. Hee, hee.

It was also very important to these two to use as many repurposed items as possible, such as this old desk they used as a base for their sink.

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That's an amazing upcycle idea!

Madeleine was very patient while she was looking for all the other fine details she wanted to feature in this awesome bathroom.

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She looked on Etsy and other online sites.

She wanted to infuse traditional pieces such as rustic shelving and wooden accents with more modern elements such as the flooring and shower features.

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It all blended perfectly.

Then there were also pieces that they wanted to incorporate into their new space.

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The couple added cute plants, baskets, and some items they recently got on their trip to Morocco.

So here's a look at what their bathroom looked at the beginning of the project.

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Definitely not that Instagram worthy. Right? Hee, hee. It needed work to look good.

And here's the bathroom when it was all said and done.

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Wow, talking about a beautiful transformation. This is totally my kind of bathroom aesthetic. I love this space now.

So overall these guys spent about £6,388 on the whole renovation.

The bulk of it was spent on professional tradesmen to take care of the plumbing. That's pretty impressive.