This Robotic Walking Planter Chases The Sunlight And Plays With Its Owner

I'm starting to think that some people have green thumbs, and some just don't. Like, you're either born to be an exceptional plant parent or you're born to let even the smallest succulent die (RIP to all my succulents. I'm so sorry).

That might all change thanks to a planter that turns your plant babies into an anthropomorphic robot.

What if your houseplant could turn into a housepet? That dream is a reality thanks to the people over at Vincross, a robotics company.


This robotic planter was developed by Sun Tianqi back the end of 2014, nearly five years ago.

His invention came about after coming to the understanding that plants are the only living beings on Earth that are not able to experience movement on their own, save the rustling of leaves during a windy day.

Using the company's HEXA robot as the planter's base, plants are now able to move around!

The HEXA planter is pretty remarkable, with its ability to move based on environmental cues, such as moving towards sunlight when it needs some sun.


It then spins its head when it's enjoying the sunlight, making sure every piece of plant gets some good photosynthesis.

It will also retreat into a shaded area of the home when it's had enough sunlight.


Just be careful where you're stepping!

It also plays with humans! This is wild.


Is this not great for people who aren't allowed to have real pets in their apartments?

It also dances when it's happy — can relate.

You'll know when to water it when it throws a little tantrum — the HEXA planter sort of stomps its feet and shakes its head.


This planter is only in its early development stages so it's not available yet, but considering the HEXA is a whopping $949, I don't think this will be much less.

Regardless, a product like this definitely makes taking care of plants a whole lot easier for people, like me, who suck at it!

What do you think of this walking planter? Let us know!