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Baby Steals The Show And Halloween With Her Incredible 'Elton John' Costume

If you ask me, babies dressing up for Halloween is the best part of the holiday. Now, I know they don't really get a say in what they go as, but I commend their creative parents for coming up with awesome costumes.

This baby's costume, which channels one very over-the-top rock star, might be the best idea yet.

To say Elton John is an icon would be an understatement.

Somehow, he's managed to stay relevant and in the spotlight for decades. The release of a critically-acclaimed biopic this year also brought him back into the mainstream.

However, I'm not sure Elton was ready for this kind of tribute.

Facebook | Destiny Bottiaux

With Halloween coming up, one creative mom decided to let her baby channel her inner Rocketman for Halloween.

To make this costume even better, the baby's name is Benni.

Facebook | Destiny Bottiaux

As in "Benni And The Jets". Get it?

In her caption on Facebook, Benni's mom, Destiny, wrote, "Shes got furry ugg boots/A linen suit/Belongs in a magazine/Ohhhhhhhhh/B-B-B-Benni is the best."

Online, people have been loving this cute and epic costume.

Facebook | Destiny Bottiaux

Destiny's photos have garnered hundreds of reactions and shares on Facebook. It's pretty hard to resist this baby and her pint-sized pink piano!