We're Dreaming Of A Tropical Christmas With Target's 6-Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Palm Tree

It's no surprise that it can get pretty cold for people who live up North during Christmas. Because of that, many people head South to make Christmas the perfect excuse to take some time off and catch some rays while everyone else suffers.

If you can't do that, you're not alone, and Target is here to help.

If you head to warmer climates during the holidays, you may see a scene like the one pictures here.

Just because the South may not get snow doesn't mean they can't get into the holiday spirit!

And that means many give their palm trees a big Christmas spirit hug of colorful lights.

Palm trees are really a symbol of states with more temperate climates, like Florida and Southern California.

So, people have fun with their Christmas traditions, stringing lights on their indoor palm trees and hanging ornaments on them, combing two symbols in one.

They're honestly super cute! if you partake in this tradition, let us know!

If you feel left out because you have the worst green thumb ever and live in the cold, Target is selling their own giant 6-foot pre-lit artificial Christmas palm tree.


It's $69.99 and lit with 150 Iincandescent lights.

You can keep it inside as a Christmas tree or bring it outside to confuse all your neighbors.


If you're like Clark Griswold and dreaming of pools and sunshine while you stare out the window into the accumulating snow piling in your backyard, this is for you.