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Captain Morgan's New Gingerbread Spiced Flavor Is Exactly What Our Eggnog Needs

Everyone knows the spicy Captain. From college days to full-fledged adult life, Captain Morgan is still the rum of choice for rum and Cokes and dark and stormy's.

Now, the rum giant is releasing a new flavor for the holidays that is sure to bring a whole heck of a lot of holiday spirit to the table.

Captain Morgan quietly released their new holiday flavor without telling one soul.

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How rude.

But, people are super excited about this seasonal flavor for the rum giant.

It was food release watchdogs and plebs from America to the other side of the pond that found their new limited edition Gingerbread Spiced flavor on shelves.

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Customers in the UK have found the flavor as Asda grocery stores, in case you were wondering where to purchase it.

In the US, customers have already found it at local liquor stores, so keep your eyes peeled!

There's something about spiced rum that compliments so many beverages around the holidays, and the notes of ginger, nutmeg cinnamon, and clove that make up gingerbread spice add a particular comforting and nostalgic warmth.

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I think it would make the perfect pair with Coca-Cola's new cinnamon flavor, kicking that cinnamon flavor up a few notches.

Of course, we have the perfect spicy boozy eggnog in mind.

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The creaminess of the eggnog paired with the spiked gingerbread flavor of the rum is exactly what I need to cozy up with this winter.

Prices will vary depending where you live, but expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $30.