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Crowd Boos And Chants 'Lock Him Up' At Trump During World Series Game

On what should have been a triumphant day for President Trump, having announced the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a special forces raid on his compound in Syria, the president instead received a round chorus of boos and chants of "Lock him up" at a Washington Nationals World Series game that night.

Trump received his first snub before the game even started.

The Washington Nationals chose to give the honor of the ceremonial first pitch to humanitarian and noted Trump critic Chef Jose Andres rather than the president.

Trump had said that the body armor he would be required to wear to throw out the first pitch would make him "look too heavy,"

However, Washington Nationals owner Mark Lerner told The Washington Post that "The first pitches are our call, and we felt there are many other candidates that should be considered before him."

Then came the game itself.

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During a break in play, the Nationals took a moment to honor a group of Marines in attendance, displaying them on the Jumbotron.

As the crowd cheered for the Marines, President Trump started pumping his fist and clapping for the Marines as well.

However, when the stadium camera flipped to show the presidential press box, the cheers turned to an unmistakable wave of boos.

Reports suggested the crowd's disapproving rain of boos reached as much as 100 decibels.

With the crowd well aware of who was in attendance, they turned one of Trump's rallying cries around on him, chanting "Lock him up."

As CBS News reported, one of the sections taking up the chant sat right below the presidential press box.

Fans at the game didn't stop at that to make their feelings known.

Some in the upper deck unfurled an 'Impeach Trump' banner. Apparently it didn't stay up for very long, and it's not known if the president or his guests even noticed it while it was in place, however.

Another banner went up behind home plate as well.

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That one was unfurled by Veterans for Impeachment, and it got prime viewing on national television even if the president himself didn't see it.

If nothing else, it's quite clear that the president heard the crowd's reaction.

Cameras caught his face changing and the clapping end as he registered the chorus of boos from the Washington faithful.

h/t: CBS News