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This Couple's 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Wedding Shoot Is Hauntingly Beautiful

One loved-up couple took their passion for all things Tim Burton and created a stunning, Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired wedding shoot that Jack Skellington himself would approve of.

According to Insider, Miami-based couple Genesis and Kelvin tied the knot back in July, but were only just recently able to put their hectic lives on hold to finally take the wedding photos they'd always wanted.

The couple, who have been together for 10 years, have four kids, including a daughter with a severe form of epilepsy.

Angela Vallejo Photography

She has Dravet Syndrome, a life-threatening disease with seizures often triggered by hot temperatures or fever.

"We didn't really have a big wedding because our daughter has a disability," Genesis told Insider. "Our wedding day, unfortunately, was a big flop."

Their friend, Monica, recently approached the couple about posing for a Tim Burton-inspired wedding shoot.

Angela Vallejo Photography

"This was a great opportunity for us to stop and enjoy each other," Genesis told POPSUGAR. "As parents of children with disabilities it is easy to get burned out and feel overwhelmed, so taking this moment to step back, enjoy each other, and do something nice for us was truly amazing."

Photographer Angela Vallejo expertly captured each and every aspect of the enviable shoot, which took place at the Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs.

The gothic, romantic photos feature plenty ofclever nods to the classic Tim Burton film, "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Angela Vallejo Photography

The loopy, cursive script on their chilling stationary references "Mr. Unlucky", a lyric from one the film's musical numbers, "Jack's Lament".

As Jack himself sings:

"To a guy in Kentucky, I'm Mister Unlucky. And I'm known throughout England and France."

The couple's blacked-out wedding cake was especially giving some deliciously spooky "Nightmare" vibes.

Angela Vallejo Photography

The tiered dessert's topper was a rounded silhouette featuring Jack Skellington and Sally the Rag Doll holding hands atop the iconic Spiral Hill from the movie.

The pair's photo shoot included also some close-up shots of their beautifully decorated table tops.

Angela Vallejo Photography

Reflective plates, black napkins and matte black silverware definitely made these tables fit for a "Nightmare"-ish feast.

Each place-setting came complete with a chic, miniature white pumpkin, which we all know Jack, the "Pumpkin King" himself, would definitely enjoy.

Personally, my favorite component of this entire wedding shoot is the guest book, which broke from the "Nightmare" theme in the best way possible.

Angela Vallejo Photography

Rather than displaying pages in some ho-hum book, this couple opted to set out a copy of the "Handbook for the Recently Deceased", which you might remember from another classic Tim Burton movie, "Beetlejuice."

While its film version is typically used to help guide the newly departed into the afterlife, here it becomes a clever way for guests to wish the happy couple well as they embark on their new life together.

Of course, both Kelvin and Genesis were dressed to impress for their fabulous photo shoot.

Angela Vallejo Photography

Kelvin's tuxedo was totally Skellington-inspired, with black and white accents and a bow tie closely resembling the classic character's without getting too cartoonish-looking.

Genesis opted to skip the traditional white wedding dress and wore a stunning black lace ball gown instead.

Angela Vallejo Photography

The bodice featured a nude mesh base with elaborate black lace overlay, making for a positively stunning effect that perfectly fit the gothic tone of the entire shoot.

Her long train expertly hid the fact that Genesis chose to forgo wearing shoes for the shoot, and went barefoot instead.

Angela Vallejo Photography

As she explained, she had zero interest in slipping on a pair of heels, even if just to pose for pictures.

"I haven't worn high heels since before my oldest son was born, and he's going to be seven in January."

Hey, it's her wedding day (technically), and if she doesn't want to wear heels, so be it!

In every picture that Genesis and Kelvin feature in, the pair look completely enthralled with each other.

Angela Vallejo Photography

They also appear overjoyed to finally be able to pose together to commemorate their special day, even if it's a few months late.

"We don't really have time to go on dates or things like that, so for us, this shoot was just a time for us to take a step back and really, you know, practice self-care," Genesis told Insider.

She added, "This is something we never would have been able to plan ourselves."

After spending so long taking care of their daughter, Genesis said it's easy for time to simply slip right by them.

Angela Vallejo Photography

"Your whole life becomes taking care of this child," she explained. "You don't notice how much time is fleeting, and although your life becomes taking care of this child, you need to practice self-love too."

The shoot was capped off with photos of Kelvin and Genesis holding celebratory sparklers, which was a huge moment for the couple.

Angela Vallejo Photography

"That was something we really wanted to do on our wedding day," Genesis said. "Maybe it didn't happen on our wedding day, but we did get some beautiful photos."

All photos featured are coutesy of photographer Angela Vallejo. Check out her professional website here or visit her Facebook page.

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