You Can Send A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Bouquet To Someone In A Tiny Coffin

Nightmare Before Christmas is really the perfect movie, because it's pretty much always appropriate. Halloween? Check. Christmas? Check. Christmas in July? Go wild. Sometimes you just can't get enough Nightmare Before Christmas and just want a way to share your love with the world.

There's a way to do that, and it's goth as heck.

Flower arrangement and delivery company Roseshire has been working with Disney since 2016.


Their first Disney related floral experience was a Mickey Mouse holiday themed bouquet that looked both adorable and classy, so it's no surprise it was a big enough success for them to team up for the Nightmare Before Christmas bouquet.

It comes in a tiny coffin, y'all. I'm dead. Literally.


If you've been looking for a way to win over the goth gf of your dreams, or you're just really into the undead, this coffin case is almost enough to sell it on its own, even without the awesome Jack and Sally artwork on it.

You can get white roses, or, for a splash of drama, you can get red.


They come adorned with thistles, which is honestly amazingly appropriate. These would be great for your, ahem, boo on Halloween, Christmas, their birthday, your anniversary, or just like any given Tuesday.

Nothing says romance like Jack Skellington on a coffin.


If you want to send this amazing bouquet to the Halloween lover in your life, you can do so right here on the Roseshire website.

Happy haunting!

If 'Nightmare Before Christmas' isn't your only passion, you can also grab this gorgeous 'Aladdin' inspired bouquet.


The design on the box evokes the magic carpet, and obviously it's got a magic lamp on it to prove to whoever you send these flowers to that they ain't never had a friend like you.

They also have this gorgeous 'Beauty and The Beast' set.


The reds and yellows are so gorgeous, even if they don't send you a glass case to hold onto one single rose until all the petals fall off.

Personally, I'm obsessed with this 'The Little Mermaid' inspired set.


Maybe I'm just easily lured in by the shiny fabric like a bird, but I cannot get enough of this gorgeous bouquet.

For the villain in your life, they also have this set.


I love the combination of pink and red with the backdrop of some of the evilest (but most fabulous) villains around. I know one or two so-bad-it's-good friends who would live for this.

Fall might be on its way, but that doesn't mean we can't brighten our days with flowers anymore!

Are you going to send some Disney bouquets to your friends? I might honestly send myself one and sign the card from "a secret admirer" just so I can enjoy the experience.