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Doctor Dressed As Joker Delivers Baby Girl On Halloween, Much To Parents' Delight

Holy babies, Batman!

A Tennessee couple have the birth story to end all birth stories after going into labor on Halloween night, resulting in their baby girl being welcomed into the world by none other than Gotham City's anti-hero himself, The Joker.

On October 31, 2017, Brittany Selph awoke to find her water had broken.

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According to People, her due date was originally November 5, but her baby had decided it was ready to greet the world a little bit earlier than that.

Brittany and her husband, Justin, rushed to Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, where they were greeted by their costumed obstetrician.

Dr. Paul Locus had gotten into the Halloween spirit and was dressed like Heath Ledger's character, Joker, from "The Dark Knight."

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He had his face sufficiently painted, his hair dyed green, and was even wearing The Joker's iconic green and purple garb.

Of course, Brittany and Justin were thrilled to see their doctor dressed up. He told them he planned on going home, handing out candy, and then shedding the Joker look before returning to deliver their baby. However, the couple asked if he could keep the costume on, and he happily obliged.

Justin captured the whole scene on a Facebook Live video, which was broadcast to all his friends and family online.

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At the beginning, he films Dr. Locus as he calmly describes the delivery to Brittany, all the while still dressed as The Joker. While it may have been an unnerving sight for someone like Batman, Brittany said she was comforted by "Dr. Joker."

"I think seeing him dressed up in the delivery room, it did kind of take away from everything I was doing and the pain," she told TODAY. "It was a good laugh, it made me feel calm."

Apparently, Dr. Locus would sometimes speak in The Joker's voice, much to the expectant parents' delight.

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Eventually it was time for the actual delivery, which Justin managed to grab a few photos of before focusing on helping his wife push a baby out of her body. Although Dr. Locus had to don a surgical covering over his Joker outfit, his makeup and hair were kept on full display, making for a bizarre, yet totally epic sight.

Watch the full Facebook video here.

Have you ever wondered what The Joker would look like while delivering a baby? Well wonder no more!

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Thanks to the help of "Dr. Joker", Brittany delivered a healthy baby girl they named Oaklyn. And even after Halloween was over, their cheeky obstetrician kept the hilarious joke going.

“The next morning, he came in to check on Brittany, and he said ‘Sorry I couldn’t make it in last night, glad to see the delivery went well,’ Joking of course,’ ” Justin told People. “He also gave her a card of congratulations, and he signed it ‘Dr. Joker.’ “

h/t: People, TODAY