Woman Transforms Home Entrance Into Cookie Monster To Delight Trick-Or-Treaters

One woman is giving the kids in her neighborhood the best treat ever this Halloween, and it's all thanks to one beloved, fuzzy blue monster with a passion for cookies.

Pennsylvania resident Lisa Boll has gone viral after she got extra crafty with her decorating and transformed her front entrance into a larger-than-life Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

The display was created using vines, Styrofoam, and of course, lots of blue spray paint.


As she explained to local news outlet ABC27, she began by spray painting the greenery that grows out in front of her home and down her walkway blue to match Cookie Monster's iconic fur.

Then, she used Styrofoam to create the creature's over-sized puppet eyes and also made sure to fashion him his very own cookie. Because everyone knows Cookie Monster is nothing without a cookie in his hands!

The result is a spectacular display that turns the entrance of her home into Cookie Monster's hungry mouth.


Boll admitted she wasn't expecting people to react to the decoration the way they have.

“It was surprising how many people get a big kick out of it,” she said, adding that drivers will frequently pull over to grab a few photos with their kids in front of the gigantic Cookie Monster.

According to Boll, she was inspired to create the delightful decoration because this year marks Sesame Street's 50th anniversary.

Being a big fan of the show herself, she decided to take that love and put it towards something that would entertain the whole neighborhood.

And, as it turns out, the rest of the world, too.

Boll said she suspects people enjoy it because "Sesame Street" has a special place in everyone's hearts, not just children.

As she explained, “It’s fun for Halloween and it’s not a horror thing, so it appeals to kids under the age of 3. It’s not scary.”

h/t: ABC27

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