11+ Families Who Took Halloween To The Next Level With Their Matching Costumes

Coming up with a clever Halloween costume for yourself is hard enough, right? But what if you have a fun family who wants to dress up together? Now, it gets even harder.

Picking the right idea for a group costume can be time-consuming for sure, but in the end, when you get that wicked picture together you'll know it was totally worth the extra work. Hopefully, these ideas will help you narrow it down.

1. Beetlejuice

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OMG, talk about starting with the best. This Beetlejuice family costume is insanely good. Isn't it? It's giving me all the spooky Tim Burton vibes here.

2. ET


This was one of my all-time favorite movies as a kid. It's so clever and fun to see this family dress up as characters from this family favorite.

3. Toy Story


It looks like this family really knows how to have fun. They have the Toy Story characters down to a tee. And they're enjoying it, too.

4. The Grinch


Wow, I can't believe people come up with amazing ideas like this. They really went all out to create this Grinch and the kid is adorable, too.

5. The Addams Family


There was a time I used to watch The Addams Family every Halloween. I'm actually planning on doing that this year. This costume is my jam.

6. Napoleon Dynamite

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If you have that inner nerd hidden somewhere inside of you it's time to let it out. It's Halloween, after all. This costume is super fun hee, hee.

7. Inside Out

Reddit | katty_ka

If there's one person in this picture who's really stealing the show it's the little girl in green. The baby is a close second, though. Ha, ha.

8. S’mores


OMG s'mores! Who doesn't love those? Okay, back to the picture. I think this is totally creative that they thought of this idea. It's warming my heart.

9. Ghostbusters


I've seen a lot of people dress up as the famous Ghostbusters but I have to admit I've never seen them do a van like that. Nice.

10. Big Hero 6


You know I never watched any of these movies like Inside Out or Big Hero 6 but it seems people are really into them. Super cool!

11. The Wizard Of Oz


If there's a family favorite movie with lots of unique characters it's definitely the Wizard Of Oz. Who's gonna fight to be the Tin Man?

12. Cops And Robbers

Costume Works

If there's a super fun but also pretty easy family Halloween costume it must be cops and robbers. I like the way they think.

13. The Flinstones


Here's another easy idea for you. Honestly, this couldn't have been less complicated, am I right? All you need are some colorful shirts and you're almost done.

This wasn't so hard, was it?

I think the hardest part will be choosing the perfect costume from so many awesome ideas. It would be so hard for me.