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This Couple Flipped A Cargo Van Into A Camper Van For $1000 Using All IKEA Products

There's been a recent trend over the last few years to convert large vehicles into full-blown tiny homes. The end-products end up being pretty amazing, and I'm always super jealous of people's DIY and handywork skills! However, it can be pretty expensive to do it all.

One couple converted a cargo van into a camper van using only IKEA products, showing that anyone can glamp and see the whole country on a budget.

This is Grace and this is her and her husband's new camper van dubbed Flippie.

The Sweet Savory Life

She and her husband decided to purchase a 2017 Ram Promster 1500 Cargo Van to convert into a cozy camper home that they could take cross-country.

However, Grace explains in her blog post that they didn't have much experience in handywork, only building a few IKEA cabinets.

That's the exact knowledge they needed to carry out their flipping project.

The Sweet Savory Life

They completely used IKEA products to deck out the interior of their new camper van, making it a super inexpensive and achievable project for a couple of DIY rookies.

In the van, they included things they would use and need most, like a kitchen, bed, shower, storage spaces, and a desk to work from.

The Sweet Savory Life

Even though it all seems so simple, it took the couple several months to decide on a floor plan that they could both live happily together in.

Altogether, the IKEA products and other insulation accessories cost them a total of $992.84.

The Sweet Savory Life

But the views that they get to experience from this project? Absolutely priceless.

I don't know about you, but I might be catching a DIY bug. Could be contagious!