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Fans Are Calling Céline Dion 'Queen Of Public Transportation' In Bizarre New Video

When it comes to queens of social media, I need you to forget about Kim Kardashian. Throw away your ideas of the Jenner girls. You say Selena Gomez, I say WHO?

It's all about Céline Dion now, baby.

If you don't follow this French-Canadian dream on Insta, you're seriously missing out.

She serves us fashion. She serves us fun. She serves us COMEDY.

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What can't Ms.Dion do?

Her latest video really has people loll'ing, though.

In a post dedicated to Louisville, the singer wrote "We drove all night to get to you Louisville. Who’s coming to the show tonight ?"

Needless to say, fans were LOVING this bizarre video and whacky outfit.

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"QUEEN OF DRIVING ALL NIGHT," one fan wrote.

"Actual footage of me on the train to work," wrote another.

"imagine having this much stage presence in everyday life," wrote one user and tbh, same.

"QUEEN OF PUBLIC TRANSPORATION" is the best comment by FAR.

We love you comedy queen, Céline!!!!!!!!!

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