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9+ Celebs Who Shaved Their Heads And Absolutely Rocked It

While you would think that rocking a shaved head would be hard to do, these 9+ celebs are here to prove you wrong.

Let's just say that they absolutely rocked it!

Millie Bobby Brown

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

Millie Bobby Brown was only 13 when she shaved her head to play the iconic role of Eleven in Stranger Things.

She even documented the difficult process on Instagram!

It was Charlize Theron's shaved head in "Mad Max" that helped power her through.

In the end, she said that shaving her head was "the most empowering moment" of her whole life.

Natalie Portman

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The Oscar-winning actress is so dedicated to her craft that she once shaved her head for the movie V for Vendetta.

Not only did she look super chic with it, but she also won the best actress award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films for her role.

Jessie J

Instagram | @jessiej

The singer is confident enough in herself that she can pull off any look, including a shaved head!

There's no real reason behind why she opted for the bold look; she just likes changing things up from time to time and to that, we say more power to her!

Demi Moore

Instagram | @demilovato

When Demi Moore shaved her head for the 1997 action flick, G.I. Jane, she probably didn't expect that the film would flop or that she'd end up winning a Razzi for worst actress.

But sadly, both of those things did end up happening.

The good news, though, is that Demi rocked the shaved head!

Plus, it showed her dedication as an actress.

While Moore rocks her long, dark tresses these days, we'll never forget that iconic shaved look!

Cara Delevingne

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When the model landed the role of a woman fighting cancer in Life in a Year, it was actually her who told the director that she wanted to shave her head, despite her agents and managers telling her otherwise.

"When it's a part like that — especially when it's about cancer — I needed to feel what it would be like to have no hair," she explained.

Istagram | @caradelevingne

In the end, going through that experience taught her more about beauty than she ever expected.

"The way you look, I think, it's so important to feel beautiful, no matter if you have hair. It doesn't matter at all."

Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart is truly a hair chameleon.

She could have her hair long, cut short into a pixie cut, or shaved off and she'll still remain as one of our girl crushes.

While the reason she shaved her head was for a role, she told the "The Today Show" that chopping it all off has always been on her bucket list.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time for novelty's sake, just because at some point in your life you want to be able to do that," she said.

"It feels amazing – I just want to headbang all day!"

Amber Rose

Instagram | @amberrose

Unlike the other celebs on this list, Rose usually rocks her bleached blonde buzzcut 99 percent of the time.

As it turns out, there's a reason for this:

"I think that I'd definitely seen Sinead O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares 2 U' video," Amber told the now-defunct site, Flirt Maintenance.

"I was inspired by her. And I grew up in Philly... Eve was really popular, and my friends said, 'Please don't do it, Amber, you're gonna look crazy.' And, of course, me being me, I rebelled against everyone and went straight down the middle at a barbershop. Fourteen years later, I still have it."

Lupita Nyong’o

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The first time the Us actress shaved her head, she was just a teenager.

She told Allure that she became inspired to do so after her dad joked about her shaving it all off.

Months later, she just decided to do it. Afterward, she described the experience as "so scary but so liberating."

Charlize Theron

Instagram | @charlizeafrica, IMDB

Theron loved the benefits that came with shaving her head for Mad Max: Fury Road.

She told Entertainment Weekly:

"I was 20 minutes early to everything in my life ... and then also, I think I emptied two garbage bags full of hair products and brushes," she said.

"There’s something very freeing in that, for sure, definitely. And there’s always something nice when you kind of take that importance of your femininity and make it about something more than just your hair.”

Jada Pinkett Smith

Instagram | @jadepinkettsmith, IMDB

She may have rocked a buzzed cut look in the '90s, but nowadays, the actress keeps her hair short because of hair loss.

After pulling out fistfuls in the shower, she said: "I was literally shaking with fear. That's why I cut my hair and continued to cut it."

Thankfully, the scare has taught her to count her blessings.

"The higher power takes so much from people...and, by golly, if the higher power wants to take your hair—that's it?" she said.