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This Couple Built A Cozy 300-Square-Foot Tiny Tent Home For Their Family

As housing and rent prices increase, tiny homes are becoming more and more a reality and less of an attractive pin that looks good on a Pinterest board.

Although, this couple totally made their 300-square-foot tent home an Instagram-worthy abode, and it almost makes me ditch the city life ASAP.

This is the Ruiz family.

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Zac and Katie live with their two children in New Mexico in a tiny 300-square-foot tent home they constructed themselves after leaving the high rent prices of California.

After Katie and Zac received some good news from Katie's mom that her daughter had an acre of land, they decided to start fresh without any hesitation.

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With most of their paychecks going towards rent, their children, and of course, just living life for the majority of their time together, they decided a tent was the most economical option.

And it's actually super cozy and welcoming!

Surprisingly, they were actually able to fit quite a bit into the space.

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There's a kitchen, dining room, living room, a space for the couple's bed, and an upstairs loft area for their kids.

There's also a ton of storage to store their most essential items and belongings.

The home is powered with one set of solar panels, providing enough power to their minimal electrical appliances.

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The only issue is that there is no central heating in the tiny tent home. While you might not think that would be in issue in New Mexico, it definitely gets cold enough for it to snow!

It's definitely minimal living, but the family seems to be really enjoying their life in nature.

h/t: Insider