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Billy Baldwin Responds To Claim That Selena Gomez Owns Justin Bieber's Heart

Just when you thought the Jelena (that's the relationship name for Justin and Selena, if you managed to blissfully pass through the past decade without learning that) drama was over, it rears its head right back up.

Selena Gomez released two new songs which many have taken to be about her relationship with Justin.

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This has caused a stir among Justin's fans, not least because he recently celebrated his one year marriage anniversary to supermodel Hailey Baldwin, with their wedding ceremony happening just last month.

Hailey found herself in a spot of trouble when it appeared that she responded to Selena's music by posting an aggressive message to her Instagram story.

However, Hailey later said on Instagram that this was "complete BS" and not a response to Selena. Selena herself made a video urging her fans to "be kind" to Hailey and emphasizing that she does not support women trying to tear down other women.

This drama prompted one of the hosts on the talk show 'The Social' to make a controversial statement.

“I think that for Selena and Justin, they are each other’s Ones,” host Marci Ien said. “And [...] when it’s like that, the person you’re with, like Hailey, knows that and knows it well.”

"So, she may be Mrs. Bieber, but Selena will forever have his heart.”

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The daytime talk show posted the clip of Marci saying this on their Instagram page, and it attracted the attention of Hailey's uncle, actor Billy Baldwin.

Billy made his feelings clear in the comments section.

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Clearly Billy is not impressed by the rest of the world's reappearing obsession with Justin and Selena, especially now that Justin is his new nephew-in-law.