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Hunter Killed By Deer He Shot And Thought Was Already Dead

In a case that has some people joking about karmic justice and Bambi's mom, an Arkansas hunter has died after assuming the deer he had shot was dead.

Instead, it reared up and attacked him.

66-year-old Thomas Alexander was hunting near his hometown of Yellville in northern Arkansas.

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Reports say that he shot a buck at about 6:30 p.m. Assuming it was dead, he approached it and was left injured and bleeding. The deer ran off.

He was able to contact his wife, who got emergency services involved, but Alexander didn't survive. He was pronounced dead upon reaching the Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

While his cause of death hasn't been officially released, the hospital confirmed that he had suffered from multiple puncture wounds.

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Trey Reid, assistant chief of communications for the Arkanas' Game and Fish Commission, said that during the classes required to receive a hunting license, hunters are instructed to wait at least 30 minutes before approaching a shot animal.

It's unclear whether Alexander waited or not.

Of course, your opinions of hunting will color your perceptions of this story.

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It's important to remember that Alexander was hunting legally. He had a license and it is currently deer hunting season in Arkanas.

Another spokesperson from the commission, Keith Stephens, said that they were still searching for the deer.

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They have K9 units in the area, but have been slowed down by rain.

Personally, I say let the deer go. If we're going to make the argument that humans hunting the animals for food is natural and the circle of life, then the animal acting in self-defense should be part of that.

The death was accidental and an extremely rare occurrence. I doubt the deer suddenly has a taste for human flesh or anything.

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