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Police Officer Pulls Over Mom, Then Gives Her A Gift Instead Of A Ticket

One police officer went above and beyond the call of duty when he pulled over a mom during a traffic stop.

Instead of giving the mom a ticket, the officer stepped in to ensure that her daughters would be safe in the car.

Officer Kevin Zimmerman of the Milwaukee Police Department pulled over mom Andrella "Lashae" Jackson for a registration issue.

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When he walked over to her car, what he saw inside surprised him.

Jackson's two young daughters, Niyah and Sky were standing up in the backseat.

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The warmly greeted the police officer who was immediately concerned about the girls' safety. There were no car seats in sight for the two girls.

In his years on the job, Officer Zimmerman had seen the tragic outcome of children who were in car accidents without a proper car seat.

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However, Jackson explained that her family simply couldn't afford the car seats.

Instead of giving the mom of five a ticket, the officer drove over to Walmart.

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“I didn’t want anything to happen to those little girls,” he said in an interview with Today.

Officer Zimmerman, a father of three himself, purchased two car seats and installed them for the family.

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He also picked up coloring books and stickers for the girls. The officer then helped Jackson fill out the car seats' safety recall cards.

Jackson took to Facebook to tell others about Officer Zimmerman's kindness.

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“I got pulled over for my kids not being in a car seat. This police officer went and bought us car seats and installed them in my car. He even gave me the receipt!

My girls could not stop thanking him… he made them smile so!

Thank you so much Officer Zimmerman for our girl’s car seats, books, and stickers! We appreciate it a lot," the mom said in her Facebook post.

The mom's viral post was reshared by the Milwaukee Police department on Facebook.

Soon, Officer Zimmerman's act of kindness made national news.

Online, many are praising this officer's actions.

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He could have easily given the family a ticket but recognized his solution would actually address the problem.

People are hoping that other officers follow his lead.

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By helping a family in need, Officer Zimmerman reminded us how the police can change lives for the better with their work.

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