'Kingdom' Returning For Season 2 In March 2020

Everyone loves a good zombie show. Or a good zombie movie.

People love everything that has to do with zombies. The Walking Dead is the perfect example of that.

Kingdom is definitely profiting off that!

'Kingdom' is a zombie thriller show, based on a Korean webcomic 'LAnd of the Gods'.


Luckily, the show was such a hit with its first season that it will be returning for a second!

The show is definitely one of the best Netflix shows out there.

And not just because of the zombies.

The writing and cinematography, as well as the acting, are all out of this world.

Fans are defintiely excited about the news.

And who knows?!

Maybe Netflix will look at some tweets and extend the length of the season!

How excited are you about this amazing news?


What do you think will happen in season 2?

Let us know below in the comments!