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Martha Stewart Just Dragged Felicity Huffman's Jail Attire: 'She Looked Pretty Schlumpy'

When it comes to class and elegance, few people are as timelessly chic (and as subtly shady) as Martha Stewart.

And if there's one thing Martha knows about, it's how to turn a jail sentence into a career revival. I mean that *and* how to make the perfect shortbread cookies.

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Of course, we all remember when Martha served five months in prison back in 2004 after she lied about a stock sale.

I know, right? Dark times for the home decor community.

Another famous Hollywood star that is having their own stint in prison is Felicity Huffman who, of course, got sentenced to two weeks in jail following the college admission scandal earlier this year.

A few days ago, the first picture of Felicity in jail surfaced.

She is serving us that army green realness.

So when Martha was asked to comment on Felicity's jail time at the 6th Annual New Establishment Summit, the home decor mogul made it clear she wasn't impressed with Felicity's style.

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"She should style her outfit a little bit more," Martha told CNN's Brian Stelter.

“She looked pretty schlumpy,” Martha added.

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“She made a horrible mistake, and she’s experiencing what happens," Martha concluded.

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Martha is truly not holding anything back, and we love that for her and for US.

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